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ADMS Features

Attendance Cards

Track each individual’s daily attendance and generate lost revenue reports based on days absent. Generate reports for each individual or for the entire agency.

Agency Message Board

Display any important messages for your staff directly on the login screen


Hourly backups are created for your data, as well as nightly off-site storage. The off-site storage is double encrypted and securely stored with HIPAA approved procedures.


Three available calendars provide date information for your staff, outings and a calendar for the individuals appointments and activites.

Daily Activities

Track an individual’s activity for any day and time, billing codes and unit amounts are automatically set for easy end of the month billing reports.

Daily Summary Notes

Each days activities are clearly dated and documented. The support level and Goal Status can be tracked from here. Digital Signatures are added by the creator of the Daily Note as well as the Digital Signature of the person approving the report.

Daily Summary Note Approval

Quickly view and approve any daily summary notes from one location.

Data Assisted Entry

ADMS now works with Dragon Naturally Speaking to assist any staff members of your agency who may have typing issues. Now, to enter data is as simple as speaking into a microphone.


Easily view the demographics of individuals in your agency by gender, age or race. A report can be printed with a custom cover report.

Digital Signatures

A digital signature must be electronically associated with a document, or a graphical representation must be apparent on the signed individuals record. ADMS covers not one, but both of these requirements by locking down the executed signature capture document with the signature recorded, as well as producing a signature certificate that includes the handwritten signature graphic and an auditable activity log. Our digital signature process has been approved in writing by both DCH and GMCF.

Document Storage

We know you have documents that are important to an individual’s overall record. Our document storage is unlimited and is included with your system...not an additional module and charge.

Emergency Plans

Store your agency emergency plans, and track each staff member when they reviewed each plan stored in the system.

Food & Fluid Restrictions

Track any fluid or food restrictions an individual may have. Each screen displays a visual warning when a restriction is present.

Fleet Maintenance

Driver information such as CPR certification, driver history, background check and AAA Driver Improvement information can be stored here.


In Case Of Emergency provides your staff with a single location to obtain emergency information about an individual. This could be crucial in the event an individual should have to travel by ambulance, all their information is contained in a single transportable document.


As your staff meets to discuss plans for an individual, you can track the input with the All About Me and the Goals section of the ISP. Once the actual ISP has been submitted to your agency, you can store the actual document with the All About Me and the Goals creating a single timeline for that years ISP activity.


Any type of incident can be created and tracked. Trending reports for the entire agency can be created to quickly learn where issues may be arising.

Other Physicians and Pharmacies

Storage for an individual’s Other Physicians such as Podiatrist, Dentist, Ophthalmologist etc., as well as data storage for any pharmacies they may use.


Daily life skills can be worked on with an individual and documented.


A staff scheduler is provided to assist with off-site personnel home visits.


ADMS is a closed system, this means that our staff takes care of everything associated with it eliminating the need for your IT staff to take on another job. Since it is a closed system, support is easy. We can remote in to the system and make needed changes as well as correct any issues that may arise.


The starting point of our security is our staff. Any person who may come in contact with your data has a background check conducted each year by law enforcement. The results of those checks can be viewed within the system in the Security Risk Tool. All hardware and software security follows all the industry standards, and require password authentication which is changed every sixty days.

Transit Cards

Track individual’s trip count for agency provided transportation. Generate transit reports for each individual or for the entire agency.

Trip Order Form

Generate trip orders for any individual. Full detailed order with pickup locations, drop-off locations as well as any special conditions or assistance needed. Emergency contacts and a photo of the individual is part of the Trip Order as well.

Urine Tracker

Easily track each urine event for any individual. Output amount, Color, Odor, Keytone Values and much more can be recorded.

Video Training

Track your staffs video training. Each staffs video viewing history is tracked to show which video they watched, what date and time they watched the video. This information is hard coded in the system for a permanent history.