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ADMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is VyperSoft's Agency Data Management System?

ADMS is a records management software solution designed to help you eliminate the paper you currently use to track an Individual in your agency.

What is ADMS Air?

ADMS Air is our Internet accessible version of ADMS. Your database is stored on servers in our datacenter, giving you access from anywhere you have Internet access.

How many records can ADMS store?

As many as the servers hard drive can hold. Should it reach capacity, we will increase the hard drive size. Currently our servers run 12tb drive configurations.

Is there a charge per individuals record?


How do we access our records if the Internet is down?

If you have our in-house server based ADMS your records are stored on a server at your facility, This ensures that your data will be accessible when you want it. If you use our ADMS Air solution (which is Internet based), then access relies on a live connection to the Internet.

Is VyperSoft HIPAA Certified?

Yes our company VyperSoft has passed certification By VMD Health Care - ASHI Training Center - NYS Department of Health.

Does VyperSoft's ADMS work on a network?

Yes VyperSoft's ADMS is a network server based solution.

Is there a Mac version of VyperSoft's ADMS?

If you use ADMS Air, the software can be accessed with any OS on any device.

Our facility does not have an IT department, who will manage the ADMS server and workstations?

We take care of the hardware and software we install at your facility as part of your service plan. If you are using ADMS Air, then everything is contained within our datacenter, and it taken care of by our techs.