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About Us

VyperSoft was a happy accident

Jim Haney, VyperSoft's creator, has been developing software for over 15 years. He has created software for Rooms To Go, Law Enforcement Agencies and had even conceived a software database that could track the complicated process of breeding ... snakes.

Like any animal husbandry, serpents require clean bloodlines in order to breed the best, healthiest offspring and create the intricate patterns found in some of the most renowned breeding programs. Jim's database took care of the who and the where that the worldwide reptile breeding community needed, and by the end of 2010, his Reptile Tracking Software was sold in 37 countries around the globe.

One of Jim’s satisfied customers in Serbia was so excited about the software that he wanted to send a small gift back to the US with a friend of his who happened to be visiting from the Atlanta area. It would happen that he was the director of a Day Support Center for adults with Developmental Disabilities.

When that friend returned to the States, they met for lunch and he mentioned to Jim how the database software – VyperSoft – could help in his line of work. At first Jim laughed at the very idea of it. What could one possibly have to do with the other?

“Now look here, Jim,” his client said, “your software tracks times and dates, locations, costs, goals... With a few adjustments, I'd buy it!”

So Jim sat down to rewrite the parts of the program that Community Service Providers would need and snake breeders would not. Working closely with his new client, the first version of ADMS was created in October 2010. Jim’s new customer was so satisfied with their new Electronic Documentation System that he started telling other day center providers about VyperSoft. It soon became clear that the Day Service Provider network really didn’t have a cost effective solution for keeping up with the daily requirements and activities of the individuals they support. And so, Jim created a versatile software that would make managing ADMS data easy, efficient, and HIPPA-compliant.

The goal was not only to make it complete, but to make it affordable for both large and small providers. It would have to be secure, expandable, with fully adaptable reporting capabilities, and a price tag that would give providers using a more expensive SaaS software pause.

Jim vowed to give the people what they wanted, with the service they needed and support they could count on.

VyperSoft was given a new lease on life. It did, however, keep the catchy name.