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Unlike other products that have more pricing tiers than most wedding cakes, ADMS has an easy to understand pricing structure.
There are no hidden fees...you know up front how much to budget each year.


ADMS was developed for Day Service Program providers of the Medicaid NOW and COMP Waiver services.

We believe that an Electronic Records Management System should be attainable for every agency without breaking their budget, and that is why with the help of day providers we set out to build that solution.


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Group Home, Residential & Home Health Care Agencies

We built our software from the ground up with the input of Day Service Providers and now we are expanding our reach to Group Home, Residential and Home Health Care Provider Agencies. ADMS provides comprehensive records management for any size agency.


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"We know that just providing great software is only a portion of the equation. We provide each customer with speedy response times from friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Our number one goal is to have a fully satisfied customer."

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